"Jenna Scott is an experienced trainer (and mom).  I worked with Jenna pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post.  During each stage, Jenna helped to outline a program that suited my needs.  She was very aware of which muscles to focus on to help support me during my pregnancy and post natal.  Jenna was very realistic with her program, especially when I needed to re-train my body and muscles.  Throughout it all, there was focus on my breathing, monitoring of my heart rate, and strengthening my core.  I would recommend Jenna as a trainer.  I wish I had her back in the city to continue to work with, but lucky NJ, you have her now."

"I began training with Jenna Scott at LA PALESTRA in NYC in the summer of 2007.  LA PALESTRA is well known for having the most elite trainers in the City, and Jenna was hand picked because of her experience and knowledge.  Jenna's positive attitude and sparkling personality were very inspirational, which kept me working hard and enjoying every minute.  She encouraged me to do things I had never done before (running), and made every session challenging and fun.  After our five years together, it was hard to find someone I enjoyed so much, and in fact still haven't!  I highly recommend Jenna and know that New York's loss is New Jersey's gain."

"I met Jenna in the winter of 2010 at the gym in our building, where Jenna was the Manager and Personal Trainer.  Jenna noticed me running on the treadmill, and approached me with warm enthusiasm and generosity.  Because Jenna is so approachable and easy to connect with, I soon began asking her about her own training and eagerly received tips on my running form and on training- everything from diet to scheduling to the exact amount of weights, type of weights and even specific exercises.  Regardless of my level of motivation on any particular day, Jenna was always available with tactical, practical, and honest support.  Jenna understands the obstacles people face regarding time management, injuries and fears, and always listened and provided sound advice regardless of the situation.  Jenna encouraged me to become much stronger, leaner, and faster.  She helped me manage my weight on a weekly basis, and encouraged me to meet goals and expectations about weight loss, as well as training plans of a marathon, half marathon, and triathlon.  Jenna wants to help make you the best person you can be- and the happiest too!  Jenna's personal approach to training and to balance in life makes her the perfect trainer to help many different kinds of clients- with many different health, emotional, and physical barriers to be healthier and happier."